I can’t help it, I’m addicted to posting. Obel has some links about PDAs in healthcare. Yesterday, I had my first notable success in reducing drug interactions with the help of Epocrates on my new Sony Clie PDA.

A patient on coumadin came to the ED with a bruise extending from his hip to his knee. I checked his INR and it was over 7! (A normal INR is 1, and a therapeutic INR for an a-fib patient on coumadin is 2-3). I checked his med list, and an antibiotic was listed, obviously a new med for him. I pulled out epocrates, wrote in Coumadin and Biaxin, and BINGO…drug interaction! Rather than stopping his biaxin, I had him stop his coumadin for a day, and get his INR checked for the next 2 days. Patient care was successfully handed off to the coumadin clinic much to the joy of a worried patient and his wife.