This one got lost on my computer desk top, but I thought you might enjoy since I’ve had a long blog absence!

Well, it’s tuesday, and I still have a stack of dictations to do from last Saturday (shh…don’t tell!) I plan to sit out in the sun and do them from home, much more pleasant than goign into work to do them. I also have delinquent dictations waiting for me down in medical records. The department has been so crazy lately, that I can’t keep track of my charts. Admitted patients are (sometimes) quickly seen by their service who wisks the chart off not to be seen for awhile. If you haven’t done your dictations before they do, you may never see your chart again!

The department is being remodeled with new construction going on. Yesterday, I made camp in one of the new nooks…when I showed up for work at 4pm, there was not a single place for me to do paperwork…really…you’d have to see the department to appreciate it. There is a single longish counter with two levels where physicians work. There are four high chairs with arms on them that cannot be pushed under the counter, leaving about 6 inches to scootch behind the cahirs and the wall in the back. One computer is smack in the middle of this mess. Combine this with one or two conversations taking place with 2-3 persons each, and it’s enough to make me want to walk out the door as soon as I walk in. Our department has no formal patient tracking methods aside from the physical chart in front of you. It hasn’t happened in awhile, but occasionally, a resident goes home having forgotten about a patient because their chart has physically disappeared in the mess.

If documentation carries the importance if “if you didn’t document it, you didn’t do it”, then our system is a setup for disaster. I just hope that none of the patients I see this month have anything bad happen to them ever in the future, because it might all come down to the fact that our department is a wreck with all this construction going on and the chart was MIA for a few hours.

Sorry, I just had to vent a little, plus, there wasn’t a whole lot interesting to write about for the past few shifts…bleeding from varicose (very close) veins, groin rashes, testicular pain, chin scrapes in 3 year olds, motorcycle crashes,etc, etc…