Vacation Photos with Hello Photoblogging

Vacation Photos with Hello Photoblogging

I thought I’d try out the new Hello! Photoblogging feature from blogger. Cousin Kristi take note…photo hosting for free!!! (We want pictures of Spain!) Not too shabby if I must say so myself. Here are some pre-morbid photos of my vacation (before the sciatic pain with neurologic deficit manifested itself). If you want post-morbid photos, you’ll have to ask my Dad. I think he took a bunch of photos while I was in the hospital. At least before I was opiated, I stopped him from taking pictures of my in a hospital gown! (Why would you want a picure of that???)

The boardwalk ended too soon, just before the sanddunes ended. You can see the sand at the end of the walkway as evidence this dune is encroaching the land due to poor placement of this walkway.

Storm damage to houses right on the beach at Kitty Hawk. Somehow I felt like the owners deserved this for taking up beach front property. What do you expect when you build on the outer banks?

My beach friend.

My beach friend flies away.
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More Books Read

Seven Years in Tibet by Heinrich Harrer is one of the best adventure stories that could possibly exist. This book is definately in my top five all time favorites, far above Tintinalli, Harrison’s and yes, even Netter.

After finishing the book, I went to my local library to learn more about tibet. All they had was a book called “My Land and My People” by the Dalai Lama. It’s a heartbreaking first person account of life in Tibet, how he was chosen as the Dalai Lama, his boyhood years in devoted religious studies, the pending Chinese Invasion, and a unanimous vote from his government that he assume full leadership role at the young age of 16. He was only 24 when he fled from his country by night under the threat of a full scale armed Chinese invasion of his capital city, Lhasa.

Both of these books should be required reading for anyone who claims to love the mountains.

back surgery update

I had my ortho followup yesterday, and got the OK to start driving and resuming normal everyday activities. He thinks I’ll be able to do just about anything I want, even running (but not jogging!). I think I’ll start with swimming in a week or so and in the meantime do some basic extension exercise. BAsically, I can do anything that doesn’t require a ValSalva maneuver…

Help Identifying Bird…

I think I saw a mocking bird pair today out by the lake. There were two birds that kept returning to the same pine tree about 10-12 feet off the ground. They were a bit drab colored, but the distinct markings were white bands on the top and underside of the wings. I thought that I saw two bands, but when I looked it up in Sibley, it just showed a single white spot in the same places. Are there any other birds with similarly placed markings?

Also, I saw a red-tailed hawk today. I would have to identify it as the light colored western red-tailed hawk, even though I saw it in the east. Is that possible or was it somebody else?