Post-op Day #2. Discharged yesterday morning. Ambulated about 4 hours after the surgery…to the bathroom & back. Got pretty good at that, peed about 2 liters post-op. Yesterday was pretty fuzzy. Percocet for pain when I need it. I definately need it at night-time, usually four by the time morning comes. During the day, I’ll try extra-stregth tylenol, or just one percocet which seems to work pretty well.

I can get on and off the sofa pretty well, took a shower this morning, climbed the steps twice today (but that’s it for today). Pacing back and forth from the front porch to the kitchen and back. Thankfully it’s sunny and my dad filled all the bird feeders for me. Goldfinches greeted me when I got home yesterday morning!

The surgery itself went well. The surgeon said that my nerve root was flattened like a piece of ribbon from the disk pieces that were pressing against it, and the disk itself had an avulsed flap that he’d never seen before. He put it back in place, removed the pieces and closed me back up. The worst part was waking up from the general anesthesia. Groggy, foggy, seeing double, coughing, wondering if I’m going to suffocate on my own phlegm. I fought to keep my eyes open, but then laid back and closed them for the trip up to my hospital bed. The sunlights along the hallway blasted my face with sunlight as we passed under each one. that made me happy. The first thing I did when I could think clearly was move my toes…they still work!

I still have some numbness and weakness, but I think that surgery was the right way to go, especially after hearing what the surgeon saw when he got in there.

Over the next 2-3 weeks, I expect to become an expert on birds as I sit on my front porch and identify all my new friends!