home safe

I’m back from Honduras, it was an amazing trip. I wish that I could have posted a blog everyday, because there are hundreds of little encounters that you would have enjoyed, and by now, many of them are lost to me. But there are a handful of patients that stand out, and a handful (or horseful) of experiences that were notable. I’ve been pondering a few posts, that I hope to get up soon.

Hole in the wall

I am now officially an advanced open water diver, and to celbrate, my instructors took me an an advanced “fun dive” to a location called “Hole in the Wall”. There is a canyn in the reef that dives down to a hole in the wall that you swim through, and when you get to the other side, you are at about 35 meters / 120 feet underwater. When we popped out on the other side, a spotted eagle ray swam past. too cool.

They don’t bite

I did my first wreck dive today, a sunken ship in about 100 feet of water just off the coast. It was sunk abut 7 years ago by one of the resorts to provide another diving destination and tae soem of the traffic away from teh reefs and corals. There are two resident moray eels that live on the wreck. One of them came up to say hello, swam underneath me, turned around, swam back underneath me and hid in his hole and just watched me the rest of the time. It was super, super cool. I think I’m totally addicted to scuba diving. I do my night dive tongiht, and then I’ll be done with my advanced course! I’m all out of logbook pages, too, so i guess I’ll have to move on from the island. 🙁 One more dive tomorrow morning before I go though.

Tomorrow will be my last day of certain email and blog access until I get back.

Snorklen for Rent

English is the first language of many island folks, but they must not emphasize reading & writing very much. The above title is a handpainted sign in front of one of the knick-knack shacks, and reflects the sing-song accent of the garufina–the black slaves that were brought to the island.

I still havnt found nemo. I think nemo is a clown fish, and I haven’t seen him in any of the books. I saw my first turtle today. some LARGE grouper (about my size), and am 3/5 of the way through my advanced open water diving course. Tomorrow morning is a wreck dive, and tomorrow night, my first night dive!

There are plenty of domesticated dogs & cats here, with resident animals at every dive shop/restaraunt/bar. There is a smallish black lab mix that randomly visits you at the beach. He’ll pick a person swimming in shallow water, swim up to you and hop in your lap and start licking you all over. He’ll wait until you push him off until he swims back to shore or back to another swimmer. Yesterday I save d a 2 year old girl in an innertube float from getting pounced on by him–I had to swim next to him and push him away back to the shore.