They say it’s easier to keep a loyal customer than to get new customers. Unfortunately, Verizon is still the cheapest DSL provider where I am living, so i’ll stay a customer, but their customer service is hugely lacking.
Go to the website and they will tell you how easy it is to move your DSL service in 3 easy steps, and while you’re waiting for your new DSL to get set up, just keep using the verizon netmail to check your email.

Well instead of transferring my DSL, my old account was cancelled, and a new account set up at my new place. In the process, I lost all of my stored email addresses, any emails I hadn’t downloaded to my new computer, and all saved messages. When you are transitioning to a new job across the country, this is less than convenient. Six phone calls and about 2 hours of cell phone use (also verizon) later, and the problem has never been solved.

So, to my high school friend in California, please send me your email address again, because it is hopelessly lost somewhere in a verizon server. Thanks.