Flashback to Fly Buddies

Flashback to Fly Buddies

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I was looking through my referral logs today to figure out how in the world I got 260 visits in one day! (It was thanks to Grand Rounds…I hadn’t submitted, but got included anyway)

Somebody landed on my website by doing a search for “P-51s in Korea”.

I went and read the post, and it made me smile. It’s one of my favorites. Here it is, in full:

Last night, I had a patient that the nurses warned me was a crotchety old man. Watch out, he might flash you, the attending warned me before going in. His family had brought him in for chest pain that they thought was related to his heart. He insisted that it wasn’t, and informed me that he did not want to be in the ED, he wanted to go home.

I introduced myself while wearing my blue flight suit. He noticed the flight physician’s wings on my suit…wings with caduceus in the middle, and asked if I was a pilot.

“Well, I don’t get to FLY the helicopter, but I do get to RIDE on the helicopter… I have taken a few flight lessons, though.”

“I used to fly P-51s in Korea,” he said.

“Did you fly any P-40s?” I asked.

“The P-40s were a lot faster than the P-51s,” he informed me.

“That’s because of my grandfather,” I said, “He used to build P-40 engines in World War II.”

From that point on, he loved me…he answered anything I asked him without the original hint of sourness that was present when I entered the room. We moved on to other topics, his health, his heart, his family…”They are my heart,” he said as he held is grand-daughters’ hands.

“Listen Doc,” he whispered, “from one pilot to another, get me out of here fast, OK?”

“I’ll do my best.”

Verona Night Ride

Tonight I showed up for the weekly “Girlie Ride”, and guess what? Aside from the leader, and a guy, I was the only “girlie” that showed up. So off we went, and we went fast! The leader, in addition to being a Spanish teacher, is a mountain bike racer, and she’s taken 2nd place in each of the last 2 24 hour SOLO mountain bike races she has entered.

I kept up without problem until we got to the first series of steep rollign hills in Dark Hollow. I really pushed hard to climb to the top, but they were too steep and I had to get off and walk both of them. We were less than a 10th of the way into the ride.

THe ride was a great mix of urban, industrial, grassy road, gravel trail and single track trail. Not too rocky, but tons of log & creek crossings.

Oh, did I mention it was dark out? Yeah, pitch black (there’s a reason they call it ‘Dark Hollow’). I borrowed a helmet light and a handlebar light. The handle bar light had a formal mount, but the rest of the parts were duct taped in place! The battery for the helmet light was in my pack. That extra little wieght on the helmet really adds up to a lot of neck strain by the end of the night, too.

I had a rider in front of me and a rider in back of me, sandwiching me with huge amounts of light in addition to what I had on my head. Of course, my lights were not as strong and continuously faded throughout the ride.

The total ride was about 14 miles and I would guess at least 1000 feet vertical. I had my GPS, but the batteries died partway through. I have to power it up and see how much of the ride it captured. Then I’ll post teh map!

I still owe you guys a map of my 7 springs ride too, I havn’t forgotten.

The Great Race

Today I ran in my first Great Race ever. The Great Race is a multi-race event in it’s 28th year in the city of Pittsburgh, (home of the Steelers). It was just me and about 8000 of my closest friends running a 10K course from my house down to Point State Park, a total of 6.2 miles.

It was my first 10K running race…the only other time I’ve run that far (and known about it) was 2 weekends ago at teh triathlon. The difference is that today, I had not preceeded the run with 1 mile of swimming and 24 miles of bike riding. I was curious to see what my real running pace would be without the pre-run effort.

We crossed the finish line with just over a 12 minute mile pace, which is just fine with me, we did it without any walkng breaks, also a first for me. My limiter is definately my joints, as opposed to my aerobic capacity, I don’t think my heart rate ever got much above 130, but my back started to cramp a bit between miles 3 & 4. The best part of the race is coming off of Forbes avenue onto the Boulevard of the Allies where you can see about 2 miles straight. The entire four lane road is packed side to side with runners, as far as you can see all the way into the city. It’s an amazing sight!

The finish was right into Point State Park, where the fountain is and it was beautiful.

If you watch the Steelers vs. Patriots game today, they are guaranteed to show some pictures of “The Point” with the glorious fountain. How I wish I had the rest of the day off..I’d buy myself a battery powered TV at walmart, go down to teh point with a couple of brews and watch the game on TV while listening to the roar of the crowed just across the river.

But alas, work calls.

Tulane Student Blog

Here is a blog that was started several months ago documenting this students acceptance into school up to his current anatomy classes. he’s only in his first year (I think). He is a semi-regular visitor to my blog, but with my own moves and changes going on, hadn’t been back to his blog for a few months until today.

What’s special about his blog, at least in light of current events, is that he is a student at Tulane (New Orleans). I will need to go back to his archives and read up on what it’s been like for him and his classmates these past few weeks.

He’s now at Texas A&M for the semester, but wouldn’t you know that Rita is throwing a wrench into that as well.

Anyway, it’s called the Haversian Canal , enjoy.