If you had asked me where felt safer to be walking the streets of a city…New York or New Orleans, I would have clearly said New Orleans. Whey then is all thi shappening in New Orleans when it didn’t happen in New York? WHy was New York City pulled together by its tragedy while New Orleans is falling apart? Where did these people come from who are roaming the city with guns, and WHY? Just because they can? Where did they come from? Were they always there, hiding in the dark corners of the city? WHere did they get their guns?

Here are some interesting quotes from the international press:

” Every natural disaster comes in two waves. First the wind and rain arrives, then the political storm. ” – Denmark

” The disaster could become a trump card for the White House if it allows the Iraq war and its opponents to fade into the background.” -France

” The fast and safe evacuation was white, leaving behind poor black people, as if time had stood still between the racial unrest of the sixties and today.” – German

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