Doc Shazam Dot Com, and Martin vs. Bush

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Migration scares me, but at least I have a successful placeholder site, from blogger to my FTP site. Cool. What do you think? SHould I keep the same template? A complete site redesign? Of course, the awesome Mr. Hassle posts and writing won’t change a bit.

Also, if you have migrated successfully from blogspot to your own domain while using blogger, feel free to comment or email below. Also migrating from blogger to wordpress or some other blog software advice would be welcome.

So.. Reggie Bush vs. Curtis Martin…any thoughts? Will Reggie Bush climb to #4 on the all time NFL rushing list? When? How many seasons will it take him?

The Tale of the Second Ovary

A lady in her early 40s presents with heavy, painful bleeding, about 2 weeks later than normal. A thorough gynecologic history leads me to believe that she has just entered the peri-menopausal period, had her first anovulatory cycle, and is now sloughing the heavy endometrial buildup from an extra 2 weeks of hormonal influences. She had been married for 21 years, never pregant. THey had been unable to concieve early in their married years, and have since never used birth control. No condoms, no IUDs, no contraceptives. No other sexual partners, ever. No gynecologic infections, surgeries or abnormalities. Regular cycles, 28 days with 5 days of bleeding.

So far, nothing in the history to make me think any differently than to tell the couple that she was beginning, “The Change.” Yet one more stage of life to enter.

As usual, I preform a pelvic exam with the help of a nurse handing me supplies as needed. Insert speculum, search for cervix. I can’t find it. I poke and prod and redirect, finally having to reposition the patient on the table. Finally, it pops out at my like a giant, necrotic blue thumb. I supress the gasp that climbs out my throat at it’s appearance. I’m certain that she has cervical cancer.

There is a small growth at the tip of the cervix, and I grasp it with ring forceps, uncertain if it is a clot, or some piece of necrotic tissue. Gently I tug at it, not wanting to unleash a flood of new bleeding. But if it something stuck in the cervical opening, I feel compelled to try and remove it. I tug a second time. Suddenly I jump back about 3 feet from the table as the nurse gasps as well. I check my face, scrubs, pants and shoes for bodily fluids. Something…and I’m not sure what it was… erupted as I tugged, sending a stream of clear fluid straight back out at me.

“That’s not normal, is it?” the husband asked.

“No, it’s not.” I calmly said, trying not rid myself of the chills creeping down my spine.

I call the gynecologist, he of course wants me to get a pap smear, which we don’t carry supplies for in the ER. “Can you come and look at it?” I ask him. “Just have her see me in my office next week, we’ll have the pap results by then.” Sh*t. WHy won’t he just come and look at it. I’m pissed. I’m certain this lady has cancer, and I can’t get a gynecologist to see her today.

I go back ot the room and the nurse intercepts me. “I wanted to show you this,” she whispers, pointing to her urine pregnacy test that the nurses run by protocol. It was positive.

H*LY CR*P. What WAS that on her cervix? What WAS that fluid? My stomach sank and I became nauseated. I ran a serum pregnancy level, then ordered an ultrasound. I called the gynecologist back, with the updated information.

I pass the patient’s room and see the gynecologist’s black shoes on either side of the stool at the foot end of her bed, the room curtain pulled across the glass doorway. I pause to evesdrop and hear a small “PLUNK” as he pronouces, “Products of conception, send it to pathology please.” The nurse comes out of the room with the container of 5 week old gestational growth and mock sneers at me. She hates the gynecologist, thinks he’s rude. He’s just being factual, I think to myself.

I go back into the room while waiting for her Rh factor to get back from the lab. I summarize their visit to the ER. “I had initially thought that your cervix had a large fluid filled cyst on it, but your pregnancy test was positive. What I had thought was a cycst was the gestational sac of a pregnancy that had implanted just outside your cervix. There was no hope for survival of the fetus beyond a few weeks. The gynecologist removed what remained, and now your bleeding should slow down over the next few days. ” Her pain was gone, the bleeding had stopped, and the couple seemed satisfied. They weren’t planning on getting pregnant. I finally discharged them and he told me that it was their anniversary. “Congratulations,” I said, “what did you have planned for the night?”

“I think we’ll just go home and order a pizza,” he said.

Freed from Darkness!

Yesterday afternoon, after the heartbreaking loss to the Ravens, I hopped on my bike to ride off into the twilight and into the park. My new Nightrider light was fully charged, and ready for it’s first test. It was awesome. The air was cool & crisp, I was perfectly dressed, well a little overdressed really. I found a new “shortcut” trail in the park behind my house, headed over to a new single track trail, all while listening to some great music on my Nano. THe light was fantastic, except at one point, it switched from the highbeam to the LED only without me pushing any buttons or any wires coming loose. Maybe it overheaded, but it didn’t “feel” hot to me. I certainly wasn’t riding all that fast…myabe that’s an incentive to ride faster, so my light stays cool! I finished the first loop, rode back up the hill, headed across teh bridge, down another trail winding to the bottom of the ravine, back up the other side to the far end of the park overlooking the river, then finally back out onto the rode to cruise home. Rigth at the end, I hopped back into the park for another 1/4 mile or so of trail, across the bridge again and back up the “shortcut” trail to my house. Not sure how far, but I rode for about 74 minutes. I need to learn some of the single track at teh far end to make that loop really nice. If you live near me, and read my blog, and know the trails at Frick, send me a shout!

Hobbits, Mossy Hillsides & Mocha

I got a hit today from a google search for “mossy walls”. The post that google dug up was called “My Life as a Hobbit”. I went back to reread that week’s worth of posts and recall it as being one of the most intense and powerful months of my residency. All but the very last post on this page are among my best written entries.

Football Rants

Way to go, Georga Tech & Nittany Lions! But did you see that USC vs. Fresno State game? 50 to 42. Holy cow! Unbelievable. USC came up with several outstanding plays right at teh start of the second half, but aside from that, Fresno State played more consistently and much, much smarter than Bush and his Crew. And if it wasn’t for Bush, they wouldn’t have done much at all, in my opinion.

And finally, why doesn’t Tommy Maddox get any protection from his offensive line? Sure, Ben can scramble much, much better than Tommy (who really can’t scramble at all), but there are so many other top rated NFL starting QBs out there that get fantastic coverage from their lines than Tommy is getting to day. I think he’s played outstanding so far given the number of times he’s been hit by a defender sneaking through!