I finished the race 1 minute under my anticipated time (4 hours 29 minutes), and finished the swim 8 minutes faster than I had hoped to, with a swim pace of less than 2 minutes per 100 yards! Yahoo!

I have written a race report for my triathlon site, I will post it here shortly formatted nicely for blogger. Race pics will have to wait since they are on old fashioned film.

Thanks for following along!


Breakfast… bagel chips, peanut butter, banana, Cliff Shot, Water. Check.
Transition Bag…packed. Check.
Race Clothing…ready to wear. Check.
Sleep. Working on it…

Registration and PreRide

Registration and PreRide

I slept a long time last night…last chance to be well rested before race day.

After double checking to make sure I was well prepared for the swim…

I went down to register for the event. I met up with another fellow from home, who shops at the same triathlon store. My mom wanted to know if all the locals would just “congregate” together…ummm, no. Look how many people there are! And this was just the first athlete meeting, there are 2 more, plus one for the pros!

After registration, there was an athletes meeting where they gave us the swim instructions among other things. But really the swim instructions were the only thing we were interested in hearing.

Afterwards, we went for a drive along the bike course…these are just some of the photos from along the course!

Next…relax, hydrate, pack for tomorrow. 😉

Touring the Bay

Touring the Bay

Today’s plan included getting up early to help reset my sleep clock and prepare for the 4:30-5AM morning on race day. I also wanted to get in a nice bike ride and do part of the race course. As I approached the golden gate bridge, however, I decided to forego the race course, and ride over the bridge…after all, who knows when I’ll be back to do that again?

I saw quite a few of these signs, but nobody that looked like they wanted to jump.

I had to get clear across the bridge before the fog lifted enough to actually see the bridge, so I had a couple snap this photo of me.

This is from the north end of the bridge in Marin county looking south. I’d love to come back soon and just keep riding north into the mountains.

The bicycle needed a better view of the bay, so this frenchman snapped a photo of us:

Finally, I rode back down to the marina. In this photo you can see both the swim start (the island) as well as the swim finish (the steps in the foreground). It sure looks far…