How about a hill climb?

How about a hill climb?

This was probably the hardest ride I’ve ever done. I underestimated the effort even though I knew it would be hard. One of the interesting challenges doing bike rides here is deciding whether to go UP or DOWN to start your ride. If you head UP, you can obviously turn around at any point if you get tired. But the higher you go, the lower the oxygen pressure and easy riding becomes much more difficult.

On the other hand, if you go DOWN, you are committed ot the return trip uphill. But you also have the benefit of INCREASED oxygen pressure in the atmosphere as you go down, so the return effort is easier than the same effort going the other direction.

So today’s ride was a vertical climb of about 2000 feet in the first 7 miles. I had reached my first goal, then decided to go further. Well, the problem is that the peak to peak highway heads downhill again after that point. I tried to get as far as the next town up the highway, and was probably within a half mile, but i turned around when my odometer said 15 miles.

On the return trip, every uphill was torture. There were times when I swear the road was downhill, but if I stopped pedaling, I couldn’t coast! The mountains have a funny way of distorting gravity sometimes. I finally had to walkthe very last hill up to that 7 mile point.

But once i was there, it was non-stop the whole way home adn I hit a new speed record before I got nervous and put on the brakes, 44 mph! 🙂

I got home, had an endurox shake, took a nap with my kitties and now I’m just hanging out feeling pretty good.