Rather than write my own version of the night, I’ll just post this group poem that was written the next day.

Once upon a midnight dreary
There I pondered, weak and weary
About a hound named Lola
Covered with bumps of curious lore.

When all at once I heard a knockin’
Lee-Ann cried, “Shazam! This dog is Talking,
About an oozing bloody mass that’s
Spewing pus upon her fur!”

Then the puss soaked, slimy rustling of each fur
Sickened me-left with a queezy feeling never felt before
My Soul grew stronger, hesitating then no longer
“L-A I will help you ferry, and in the process make more merry
The journey to the vet, to ensure the health of the ‘lords pet
Route 8 and nothing more,

Now Dasher, Now Dancer, Now Prancer, Now Vixen.
On Comet, On Cupid, On Doner, On Blitzen.
Grab a cat leash, your pal Shazam and jump in the CRV
Wait we do and patiently.

We arrived upon the clinic so dark
and pounded on the door,
“bark, bark!”
The entrance swung open slowly
and creaked a lonely sound.

We entered, females three,
Lee-Ann, Lola and me.
And lamented that there were only
two humans to laugh out loud.

When suddnely the door swung open,
“CARL!!!” Shazam shouted with emotion.
The waiting room got quiet and all eyes
darted from the floor.

On the road they had phoned, explained and bemoaned
and dreams of ice cream roused him twisting turning speeding toward them
Deep in the darkness came a beac’n not without a certain reak’n
Eat n’ Park!! was the source to spurn this man upon his course
surrounded by “smiley” faces awaiting patiently his bounty
Twas 3 shakes. Who could ask for more?

Text at 11, replies of fright,
“a leaky bassett hound you say?”, not such a delight
but how, but when, but why, you might ask?
no explanation given, just focus on the task
poor lola the bassett, she can barely see
but rest assured in better hands she could not be….

Upon his arrival, barging through the doggy door
There erupted from a patron a heartfelt gutsy roar
Joyous their reunion, cold and creamy their communion
cheery banter filled the air , those around tried not to stare
who are these interlopers disturbing their morbid lair.
Shakes by Jamaal and nothing more

Deep in the darkness, the talk turned to canines, cycling, appendix, cogs
lawyers, patrons, friends, hats and puss filled dogs
A feline hit by a car, and a Husky too drugged to walk far
amidst the downcast faces surrounding them in these morbid places
They found laughter and sun- the clock steadily approached one
350$. Nothing more