New Concussion Guidelines Stir Up Controversy

In this latest NYT article about Concussions in Youth Sports critics of the new policy state that more kids will be injured as a result of it.  Fear that a student will hide or mask symptoms in order to stay in the same-day game has sideline docs and coaches recommending against the new guideline!

My thoughts are that peer pressure should not influence medical decision making.  Plenty of times in the ED patients, parents and adult children alike try to manipulate my recommendations to mold to their current circumstances. I always remind them that my job is to make a medical evaluation and appropriate reccomendation. What they choose to do with my recommendation is entirely up to them.

I try to leave them as fully informed as possible.

If scientific research shows that it is safer to pull kids from a same day game for any evidence of a concussion, who are the sideline docs and coaches to say that this policy is unsafe?  All we can do is educate.  The arguments against this policy are one reason why I do not envy sideline docs, because my decision would be to bench every kid that got hit in the head until further evaluation cuold take place. It’s just not worth the risk.