Installing Ruby on Rails in OSX 10.7.5

Want to install Ruby on Rails on your lastest OSX Snow Leopard version?

You’ll need to do a couple of steps which look intimidating but aren’t that hard.

  • First, download RVM on your computer
  • Next, download the GCC compiler separately since the latest version is not installed with the current XTools from the app store (but if you have a previous version of Xtools, apparently it is)
  • Finally you can install Ruby and Rails from the RVM command line in your terminal.

More details on all of these below…

Having never installed developer tools on a Mac before (other things have intervened since switching over to Mac that precluded me from any development), I followed this tutorial to get Ruby & Rails up and running on my mac:

However it appears that the latest release of Xtools does not include a key compiler for the full install.   So after installing Xtools, I did a little more googling and found this update:

Followed the download link to this site:

And installed the latest GCC package.

After installing the GCC package, I went back into my terminal shell and ran this:

>rvm install ruby-1.9.3-p194

And was happily greeted with this message…

Install of ruby-1.9.3-p194 - #complete

IN between those steps I was successfully able to install RVM, but not by cutting and pasting the command lines, I had to type them into the shell.

Read this for some additional details

If I can do it, you can too….I honestly have little idea of what I’m doing, but having created a fresh backup and still having an active apple care subscription, I had little fear of anything bad going on!