Local WordPress Installation using MAMP

This is as much for my own records as to help anyone out, but this is the collection of softwares I used while considering using Genesis as a new framework for custom wordpress installations. I should probabaly outsource this, but seeing as the costs tend to range from $500 to $25oo for a PSD -> WordPress framework conversion, I think it’s worth tackling myself.  I’ve done minor custom codes for wordpress but not straight from PSD files, just from other design ideas and havn’t done too shabby. If I can up my game a bit perhaps I can code for others as well?

Anyway here’s the softwares:




Troubleshooting guide for My SQL Server not starting



Installing WP Manually



How to fix PHPMy Admin after making the same mistake everyone else makes with changing the root password:

Using Terminal, type: /Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysqladmin -u root -p password <NEWPASSWORD>

At the next prompt type the same password

Then Tools->Clear Cache (on your browser) and restart


Random key generator for wp-config:



And a couple of tutorials I’m browsing:





I hope someone else finds this helpful, please leave a comment if you do!