WorkFlowy to Keynote Presentation Steps

Frustrating, but I finally figured out a way to go from WorkFlowy to a powerpoint or keynote presentation.  It’s not obvious and requires a “middle man” program.   This works on my Mac, and is untested on other platforms.


  • First, using Workflowy to export the outline you want to make into a presentation.
  • Then, copy all the text and open TextEdit on your mac.   TextEdit actually creates RTF files, not just plain text.  Paste your Workflowy document into Text Edit.   The outlining should all still be intact.
  • Save this file to your harddrive.

Now open Keynote and do these steps

  • Start a new presentation
  • View->Outline Mode
  • Click next to slide 1 in the outline and…
  • Edit ->Match Destination Formatting.


That should do it! Good luck.