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I have noticed a large increase in the number of comments left in an effort to get backlinks to affiliate website and blogs.  While many of these are somewhat healthcare related, If you leave a comment that says something like:

“Interesting thoughts, I’d like to hear more”

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Please provide relevant comments or risk having your URL flagged as spam by the askimet plugin preventing you from posting on any wordpress blog.

For those of you commenting appropriately, please continue to do so.  I believe my Sumatriptan post has nearly 50 comments so far, and I publish every one of them whether it is pro or con because I feel it’s important to have people see all sides.

John Ritter’s Widow Inspired

Somehow John Ritter’s Widow’s remarks following the not-guilty verdict of two physcians angers me to no end.

 “I disagree with the jury’s decision but I believe in the system and I respect it,” said the widow, Amy Yasbeck. “It inspires me even more to find, with these brilliant medical minds, a path to diagnose aortic diseases.”

So what is she saying?  It seems to imply that she realizes that brilliant medical minds cannot always definitively diagnose and treat aortic dissection.  And yet she disagrees with the jury?  And why did it take a jury of non-medical laypeople to convince her that the medical minds involved were brilliant?  Could neither she, nor her lawyer, nor the media, nor the hospital’s lawyers convince her of this?  So all someone has to do is choose not to believe something that is evident, and then sue numerous physicians and the treating hospital as well?  In a case that took nearly five years to settle?

Are you with me on this or am I crazy?

Net Worth Not Worth the Hassle?

I am never one to cry that the sky is falling.  When I saw that the market fell below 10,000, I was secretly happy…the market is on sale.  It’s a good time to buy, I thought to myself.  When it fell even further I finally scratched my head and looked at a stock chart…I’d been avoiding it the past few weeks.

Today I made the mistake of checking my Vanguard account status.  Ouch.

I keep telling myself it’s a good time to buy…

Can Obama Create Tax Credits for Health Insurance?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that health care analysts are calling John McCain’s plan is “fundamentally correct”…but it seems that their focus is on only one part of his plan…providing tax credits to individuals for buying their own health insurance.

Clearly health insurance needs to be affordable for individuals, and the link between employer based health insurance and your job needs to be severed.  Health insurance must be portable, or else it contributes to excess job and work related stress…but it also needs to be affordable…at least until healthcare in the US becomes affordable again.

In an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal (10/7), David Gratzer, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, writes that Sen. John McCain’s (R-Ariz.) “proposal — to give every American the tax credit businesses get for buying health insurance — is the right prescription for what ails our healthcare system.” Citing data from the Census Bureau that indicate “the percentage of Americans who get their health insurance at work has been shrinking,” Gratzer asserts that “the foundation of [the healthcare] system — employer provided health insurance — is crumbling.” And, Sen. McCain “recognizes that a large part of the problem is that the tax code favors employer-funded health insurance.” Gratzer argues that although Sen. McCain “doesn’t want to scrap employer-based insurance…he wants to fundamentally change the way the system works and instead give the self-employed and individuals a tax break for buying their own insurance.” He concedes that Sen. “McCain’s plan has its flaws,” but questions whether what Sen. Obama (D-Ill.) “is proposing [is] any better.” Gratzer concludes, “On health reform, Mr. McCain is fundamentally right.”

Here’s the part I don’t get…just because it’s in McCain’s campaign platform, does that mean Obama can’t push for it as well after he becomes president?  Is it mandatory that both candidates take opposing stances on every issue?