Yesterday I rushed down to our residency office to give our secretary a CD of photos I had taken of an assault victim. The police needed them for her upcomign trial. Standing there at the desk was a bright eyed, enthusiastic new face. He was wearing a t-shirt and Khaki shorts with a bike messenger bag slung over his shoulder. He was all smiles as he looked at his knew schedule for the upcoming year. His is one of our new interns starting on July 1st, the traditional starting date after graduating from medical school. Not only was he a little bit cute and fun to talk to, but the best part is how excited he is to get started. It is so easy to let the daily stresses accumulate and become grumpy and irritable…and also to let others with even worse attitudeds rub off on your daily outlook. So it was great to meet him, and I can t wait to meet the rest of them and start workng with them in the department and in the units.