Since every study we’ve done on Mr. Peace is negative, he went to surgery today to have a piece of his lung removed for pathologic studies…cultures, stains and electron microscopy. The cells from the bronchoscopy he had done on the 6th showed evidence that he DID have some sort of generalized bleeding in his lungs, but we still don’t know what the cause is. We are doing additional tests for tuberculosis, even though his PPD skin test and smears and cultures for acid fast bacilli are all negative.

Bucky, the patient thrown from a jeep and placed on the oscillating ventilator, has been on a regular ventilator for about 5 days now. He is continuing to make remarkable progress, albiet slow.

Both patients in the car accidents with the mutliple fractures have been discharged from the ICU in good condition to have their orthopedic injuries managed by the surgery team.

Of course, new patients continue to arrive…