Well, it’s about 11pm and time for me to lie down for my 2-3 hour nap tonight. We split the night up on call so each of us gets a couple hours of sleep. Today was a busy day, with three new admissions, three transfers out of the unit, one death, and several procedures…swan catheter, arterial lines. When I left, the moonlighter was still working on trying to start an arterial line on a patient that myself, and one other moonlighter had already failed to get a line on. How hard could it be? I could feel his pulse easily, but we just couldn’t thread the catheter in. So the moonlighter scrubbed in and tried t he other side, and I was sure he’d get it instantly, but he also tried 3 times and failed and was trying still when I left. I guess I don’t feel so bad.

Interesting night, huh? I wish I was at home on my porch drinking a home brewed cider and enjoying the first warm summer night we’ve had.