Well, I’m into my 14th hour of a 12 hour shift. Our department has a new fast track for patients that are supposed to be in and out of the department in less than 1 hour. We had 38 patients today in a 12 hour period, I saw 36 of them. Not all of them were fast track! One was admitted to general surgery (triage was a little off on that one), one is still here getting a CT scan for a possible pulmonary embolism, he’s been here for hours and hours and hours, and one little girl needed conscious sedation to have her broken arm reduced.

It took me an hour and a half to do all the charts after we closed down the fasttrack, then the desk receptionist complained that I could give her charts during the day as I was seeing patients! Well..she’s welcome to come back and help out here in fast track. When the department chair comes back and starts seeing some of your patients, it just doesn’t seem like a good idea to sit around and do paperwork while he’s doing your work.

Ugh. At least these patients are not as deathly ill as those I’ve been used to seeing. I’m not sure I like this fast track gig.


I really have to say that I could not have seen 36 patients yesterday without the help of Jason, my nurse. He anticipated every potential time consuming activitiy and ordered appropriate x-rays for patients that needed them, saving me probably 20 minutes for each sprain/strain/fracture patient I saw!