Another great night of medicine and trauma ruined by psych. Now don’t get me wrong, I like a good psych case. Psychotic patients have the greatest stories that you could never make up if you tried. Truly depressed and suicidal patients are straightforward and looking for help. But the patients that out and out lie make me so mad that I wish I could just … well … scream at them!

After getting back from the nice flight below, I had about an hour to go on my shift. I picked up a chart with a chief complaint of “OD.” She had already been seen by one physician today who sent off some urine. The patient seemed fine by the time I saw her so I thought it would be a straightforward case. WRONG! I spent two SOLID HOURS on the phone with her family, our psychiatrist, our county mental health workers and the pediatrician who saw her earlier trying to get an involuntary admission after finding out her whole story. She was a blatant liar and when I confronted her about it, she changed her story, made up new stories, tried to make all nicey-nice with me after trying to chase me down the hallway being watched by the four security guards we called down to watch her. Ugh.

I won’t go into the rest of the story, it will make me too mad, but in the meantime, my trauma patient was in pain, my pyelonephritis lady was having her bacteria multiply away, my peds admission was being worked over by the peds intern, and my nurses and attending were taking care of the rest of my patients. Everyone steered clear of me for that hour and a half because they could see how frustrated I was. The patient kept demanding to talk to me tyring to come up with a version of her story that I would sympathize with. If this story makes you just as mad and frustrated as I was, just read the flight post again, and you’ll feel better. Ahhh…trauma…enough to calm anyone’s nerves!