I got one of my August evaluations today. The faculty has changed the process so that now each attending can submit an individual evaluation for me, instead of one attending trying to summarize the thoughts of everyone. The results? Drumroll please…

Appearance 5 out of 5

Go figure.

Pateint Rapport 3 out of 5

I still cannot figure this one out. This eval is from the same staff as the last one. He himself tends to be difficult for most people to rapport with. Maybe he is really evaluating my rapport with him. If that’s so, I think it’s appropriate. But as usual, patients continously thank me, say they’ll be sending in comment cards about how well they were treated, sometimes family even calls me afterward to thank me for the care I gave. Go figure.

Clinical Decision Making: 4 out of 5

This is an improvement from 3 out of 5 that I will happily accept. My improvement has not been so much an increase in knowledge or confidence, just an increase in spewing my stream of conciousness thoughts about what I’m going to do with my patient to the attending before they can interupt me. I guess they like this. Less thinking on their part. If what I say sounds good, they can think less about the patient. I suppose from an R2 point of view this is how I feel when an intern asks me questions. If they tell me something reasonable, I just say that sounds good. If they really want my advice, that’s a little more painful for me because I have to think harder about the patient.

History, Physical Exam Skills, Dependability, Medical Record Keeping 5 out of 5

Cool. Although I usually feel like I miss a few physical exam findings or forget to check them.

General Comments “Hustles, improved efficiency”

That’s a lot better than “slow but reliable”. Now I can let the pendulum swing back the other way and not be so paranoid. Until next time.