Of three flights today that I could have gone on, I only went on one. there was also one yesterday that went that I ought to have been on, but wasn’t. Argh. The last one I missed because after I had stopped seeing new patients, I told a nurse I’d see an 18 year old girl with vaginal issue. (The rest of the docs were male). While I was in the room, I was paged to the roof, but didn’t hear it, no one knew where I was. By the time I came out (from a very non-emergent case) it was too late. Why do people think that chronic issues can be fixed on a Sunday night? Anyway, I’ve vowed never to leave my seat without carrying my radio with me.

The flight I did go on was a motorcycle crash…he flipped and landed on his head. with a helment. Crushed four vertebra in his back. Low budget flight, though the guy enjoyed cursing us out the entire way.

The flight I missed was a real challenge, though (or would have been). Ped vs. car. Head injury, on scene intubation, coding, atropine, cpr, etc… I certainly don’t wish misfortune on people, but this is the reason I am in this rural area…for the high acuity blunt trauma and flights. And where was I? Looking at someone’s yeasty privates. Ick.