Check out the fragment meme. It involves free writing using supplied phrases to integrate somewhere. No editing, no stress, just write till it’s done. Here is my entry for this week:

For the first time
, he was in a room where he felt like he was one of them. He was not alone here, and never would be again. Before today, when he would walk into a room, he would look around and feel surrounded by glittering glass, silks, diamonds, red high heels, muticolored ties and waitors and waitresses dressed better than he was. After driving for over 24 hours to an isolated forest community, he walked into the room, and for the first time, felt as though he belonged. Long hairs, short hairs, men in ponytails, women in bandanas, flannels, synthetics, goretex, kayaks, paddles, maps, oars, guitars and huskys. “Finally,” he thought to himself. He breathed a long sigh, smiled, and introduced himself to the cook packing up leftovers from the community dinner that had just been served.