I thought the debate over standford’s new curriculum would ease up, but Dr. Rangel posts yet another critique of Graham’s defense on his new curriculum. Dr. Rangel states that he is not “making lite of Graham’s courageous idealism” but throughout his post, he ridicules Graham’s stated perspectives. Can we agree on one thing…Graham will not change Chris Rangel’s views. Dr. Rangel will not change Graham’s views. Let the lad and all his Stanford colleagues enjoy the flexibility offered in their curriculum.

Dr. Rangel, although I realize many of your points are tongue in cheek, the idea that time spend on additional academic projects in medical school will detract from adequate medical care being given to future patients is simply absurd. Havn’t you realized that medical students and doctors are LIFELONG overachievers? It is impossible to bridle those curious inquisitions until you are established in your practice and into your mid 30s or even your 40s. In fact, if forced to do so, I would imagine the buildup of dopamine neurotransmitters would induce a schizophrenic euphoria by second year of medical school.

I will agree that during residency there is no extra time to devote to endeavors aside from caring for your patient load (and academic project required by the RRC) ((and maybe learning a little PHP and mySQL)) (((and taking up bird watching)))((((and rebuilding your college bicycle))))(((((Perhaps studying your college spanish again so that you can go on yearly medical mission trips to Honduras))))) What was I saying again?

Nevermind, it’s not going to change any opinions already held. Off to read about pediatric fevers again…