Perhaps a nutritious lowfat cheese sandwich made by my George Foreman grill will help get me back on my feet. Since my last post on tuesday, I have worked a total of about 3 hours. wednesday morning I was scheduled for just the morning shift. With our morning lecture, that makes only about 2 hours of clinic time before lunch. I slept in, skipped lecture and went in for just two hours. No multitasking for me that day…I could only handle one thing at a time, and frequently that one thing was just resting.

THe next day, I had morning lectures fro 7 to 11 which I again skipped in favor of additional sleep and rest. when I showed up to clinic at 1pm, I was promptly sent home by the attending. Unfortuneatly, though, I was on call last night. I moved my cozy little sick house to the pediatric call room…I had tylenol, a water bottle, moisturizing facial tissues, a fleece blanket, and a down pillow, but no humidifier (I figured I would look fairly pathetic lugging all that PLUS a humidifier into the hospital with me). I was awakened from my miserable, fitful sleep at 2:30 AM to see a patient in the Emergency Department.

Wrapped in a blanket with my voice barely audible , I stumbled into the ED to see my little pediatric patient. I whispered to my attending, “It’s moments like these that I despise residency.”

So much for the Zinc nasal gel.