Depsite two recent posts about NOT using antibiotics, I started myself on a Z-pack today. It’s been 11 or 12 days and I’m getting worse. Last night I was up all night choking on phlegm draining from my sinuses. I was wrapped in a fleece blanket, a wool comforter, had a heating pad under all that and had 2 humidifiers running. I had delusions about viruses and antibiotics all night. This afternoon, despite the heat being turned up to 75 degrees, I was still freezing. I restarted the Afrin and doped myself up with generic NyQuil. My temperature is up to 101. I have done everything that I tell my patients not to do.

I guess I would have been irate today as well if one of my colleagues had not generously agreed to prescribe me antibiotics–so I can relate to the parents I have been dealing with. At least I do have some basis for my actions in clinical experience. Maybe the antibiotics I took today are releasing toxins from all the H. Flu, M. Cat or Strep Pneumo bacteria that are lysing in my sinuses. Or mabye I’m full of it.

I highly reccomend, however, if you’re sick, that you purchase yourself a nice tea kettle and tea pot set. It will encourage you to drink plenty of fluids. Peach tea with lemon and honey works great!