I’m obsessed with the bird project. Really, this time I mean that I’m really close! Although everytime I mention that, it seems I have loads more work to do. The most important part to designing a database project is planning it well. I’ve run into lots of stumbling blocks that I couldn’t solve until I ‘broke out of my box’. I am continuing to get programming solutions and ideas from a fantastic book called “PHP and MySQL Web Development” by Luke Welling and Laura Thompson. Tonight’s breakthrough came from their chapter on a shopping cart application. I took their solution for browsing books by category and applied it to browsing birds by order and family. Then I threw in a search page by common or species name. it’s all working very smoothly, with reusable code, and the database is being continuously refined and hand groomed for my application. Oh, it’s sooo exciting and sexy! I can’t wait to unveil it, and I’m sure you can’t either. I want to wait until I have something that looks and works at least in part so I don’t turn off any potential visitors before it’s fully functional.

THe last major hurdle is organizing locations and dates for bird sightings. Yes, in concept, it’s simple, but each layer I add to the database seems to add exponential programming to the project. Yet I get closer everyday. Tomorrow I am on saturday call, and with the snowstorm, it should be a slow day in the clinic, so I’ll have some extra brain energy for brainstorming and diagramming.

ENjoy the snow, fill your birdfeeders and get your flu shot if needed!