After nearly 2 1/2 months out of the Emergency Department, today I made my triumphant return. Well, I returned at least. Have you been jonesin’ for some juicy ED and Trauma stories? If you count getting yelled at by neurosurgery, trauma and internal medicine…than hang on for some excitement. On the otherhand, I had successful, dare I say pleasant (?) interactions with gastroenterology.

Case 1: 17 year old male found unresponsive at home by a friend. Diagnosis…hypoglycemia

Case 2: 11 year old boy playing Nintendo in the fast track 8 days status post head injury. To CT or not to CT? CT was obtained, showing new contusions since last week. Stuck between rock and hard place. Consult neurosurgery. Get chewed out. “Don’t call me for this crap after midnight”

Case 3: 50 year old man crossign the street, hit by a car. Admitted for overnight observation.

While I was mired in medical muck, two traumas came in but I was in the wrong place a the wrong time to get in on them. Don’t get me wrong, though, I don’t envy the trauma team on call…they’re up for a busy night I think.

Welcome back to reality.