With 15 months and 2 days to serve in my residency, I am doing my last call night ever tonight! It’s about 3:30AM, and I’m just starting to see patients for just one day of role reversal. The new interns start tomorrow, so my intern is off to bed so he can start cardiology in the morning (in 2 hours, that is). So I have only a few more hours to go before I am done with call FOREVER! The remainder of my time will be in the Emergency Department, or doing electives or research. 😉

No call night would be complete, however, without someone becoming an organ donor. True to form, a young man on the east side of the unit was declared dead at 8:30pm. And, true to form, the attending didn’t tell me until I was about to go to bed at 1AM, leaving me with death certificates, notifications, dictations and organ donation forms to fill out before getting few hours of shut-eye.

In those hours between his death and his death certificate, we put in four lines. Well, collectively we put in four lines. I cannulated an artery on one patient, after following the attending’s explicit instructions on where to try to find the vein (I knew he was wrong, because he wasn’t touching the patient and I was).

Anyway, it was as crappy day as can be expected. More later.