I’ve been spending the evening reading web articles about “Web Standards” a hot term describing “browser independant” markup that separates web page content from web page design. There is a small cadre of web authors that interlink one another who have really pushed the frontiers of web page design. I have some of them linked at left, and all the others can be found by clicking around a little bit…check out Glish, A List Apart, Little Boxes, The Layout Resevoir…

Basically what it means is that you can use any browser, and see a great looking web site without having to worry about the latest Flash or Java (or whatever) download.

Why have I spent my precious recovery time doing this? I’m trying to come up with a nicer design for Herodias that will help with navigation and usability.

Anyway…today I walked to the center of civilization in my rural small town…DUnkin Donuts. I made it all the way there and back! I didn’t have any back pain, but had a little gluteus muscle pain. I never realized how important your butt is for walking.