So while recovering from my back surgery, I went through the painful process of finishing up my CV, filling out research application templates for two studies, getting it signed by both the department directory and the department of surgery director, only to find out today, 2/3 of the way through my 2nd “research” month that I submitted the wrong form.


So I double checked the expedited review checklist that I painstakingly followed, and nowhere did it mention for an expedited review, that I had to submit anything other than the clinical research application form.  It turns out there is a data abstraction submission form.  Silly me…in retrospect, it makes sense…most clinical research would not be expedited review.  But then why was it on the expedited review checklist as the form to fill out?


So now I have to resubmit both applicatons, on the proper template, get signatures from two department chairs, AGAIN, before resubmitting it.  Why can’t they make this easier?


To add insult to injury, as of June 1st, they no longer accept CVs, but require “biosketches”, basically a CV in a Microsoft Word template.  Give me a break. 


If my institution really wanted to be “academic” and get research preformed, this would not be such a hurdle to accomplish.  I havn’t even gotten to the data yet.  Ugh.