OK, I’ve been trying really hard these last days to find an inspiring patient story to share with you all, and it’s just not there. Tonight I had 2 patients with cancer, and I though to myself, ‘Cancer…now there’s a patient I can really have true compassion for…’ Well, I just couldn’t muster it up. Now, I was nice and pleasant an all, and sent them home feeling better, but inside, I just wasn’t stirred.

SO I’ll tell you what I’ve found inspiring recently. Lance Armstrong. Yep, I’ve got the yellow “LIVESTRONG” bracelet that all the cool kids are wearing these days, but this goes beyond just being in the in-crowd. I really love reading autobiographies and just finished Lance Armstrong’s “It’s not about the bike.” It is a fantastic book. Inspiring is just not strong enough of a word for it. At the end of the book, you really feel like you know just how to tap into that inner strength that he had that helped him not only recover from cancer, but became one of our great sports legends due to his hard work and inner motivation.

THese days when I’m lacking my own motivation, I find myself borrowing some of his. For work and for play…getting myself back into shape after surgery as well as putting my nose back into some emergency medicine textbooks to brush up on some of my weak spots. I don’t think I”ll ever win a Tour de France…heck, I’d be thrilled to just be able to do a sprint triathlon again and beat my old time (which included 45 minutes for the 5K run!)

So if you’re feeling blue and uninspired, don’t turn to Mr. Hassle, go get Lance’s book.