BLogger just ate a long funny post in which I individually thanked and commented on all the folks who left their remarks in my plea for attention! Grrr. I think I’ll just have a beer and come back to talk to you guys tomorrow.

Oh, um, a story? OK. Umm. OK, here’s a funny one…no, nevermind, she was suicidal. OH, here’s a great one…on second thought, that was pretty sad, he had cancer. OK how about this one…Yeah, this is a good one…

SO this 20ish year old kid is flown in by helicopter for a left arm deformity and pain after wrecking on his ATV. Medics correctly diagnosed an anteriorly displaced humerus dislocation. THe kid was pretty nice, but in a lot of pain. I gave him pain meds and muscle relaxers while we got a quick set of x-rays. But before the x-rays, we always remove jewelry. I noticed he had a lot of it…and cool jewlery as well! He had 2 earrings on the left, one on the right, a chain around his neck, and two nipple rings.

I removed the chain around his neck without incident. The earrings were cool…little cylindrical steel posts about 1/4″ in diameter with o-rings on the ends to hold it in place. “These look like bike parts, ” I said to him. He chuckled in spite of his pain. THen I started working on the other ear ring, a cicular thick steel ring with a ball where the two ends of the ring joined. THe ball had 2 small dimples on opposite sides and was just held in place by friction. Hard to describe, even harder to figure out how to get it out having never seen it before. He could tell I was thoroughly entertained by his jewelry. Finally, I said “Where can I get jewelry like this?” “At a tatoo shop!” he answered.

Now I have to find a tatoo shop, hopefully I won’t come back with anything unplanned!