Job “A” has been offered to someone else that the staff knows well, but the director is not convinced he will take the job…wants to keep me on the line. Job “B” is offering me a big bonus to sign now and not later. I like Job A better. Job C is offering me some fun, part time work in a desirable location with lousy pay that would probably be the best job of them all if it didn’t end after 2 months.

What should I do now? Get more interviews? Accept job B for a good salary and a big bonus? Wait for job A, miss out on possible bonus for job B? Accept Job C and say screw the rest of ’em, then worry about income for month 3 when the time comes?

What should I do???

PS If you are my parents or a close relative (aunt, uncle, cousin, brother, sister-in-law, nephew or grandparent), please do not ask for any more details…this is all you’ll get!