My landlady came with her son to do some spring yardwork. I’m sure part of their enthusiasm has to do with trying to show the house for a new renter this summer. But to my horror, in her enthusiasm, she cut down every last Clematis vine! PLEASE TELL ME THEY WILL GROW BACK!!!!!

I have a beautiful trellis against the garage that grows 3 or 4 different types of clematis. Every spring, I trim back the excess growth before leaves come out, but I leave the main stalks quietly climbing up the trellis. By mid spring I am rewarded with a wall full of blooming six pointed stars.

I can only hope that she knows what she is doing…she’s a gardener, and last summer, her son was afraid to mow over any wildflower in my yard because she told him to stay away from teh flowers. As a result I had all kinds of thistle cropping up in places unwelcome! So I imagine that she knew it was clematis (she used to live here) and she knows it’s beautiful, and she knows it will grow back. Heck, if she wanted to go wild with her pruning shears, she should have taken down the Wisteria that never blooms. One of these days I’m going to wake up with it wrapped around my neck!