Scuba diving adventure will have to wait. Entirely too late to post much. Spent about 2-3 hours playing with Pegasus as an email client on my laptop. Seems to work only when it wants. Large attachments crashed the program, then would not let me reopen it until I manaully deleted the bounced messages files using explorer after peeking at the contents with notepad. Finally back to square one. anyone else used it?

Went to work today in wonderfully meditative state after returning from my California beachy vacation. WOuldn’t you know it but when I walked in the same old bickering is ongoing. Not bad stuff, but I noticed acutely how quickly we folks (in the ED) tend to pick up on negative stuff and run with it. THe actual folks are still mostly pleasant with the exception of one graduating resident working his 2nd to last shift today. he was downright rude to all the nursing staff and I’m sure that they are happy to see him depart. Frustrating, because he’s a fun guy when he’s in a good mood. I think everyone needs a vacation like I had, then we could all just smile at one another and choose to enjoy the fun things and let the bad stuff run off our feathers like water off a duck’s back.

Several times today I caught myself objectively seeing behaviors in myself, nurses and patients that normally would have put me on edge, but with a more objective viewpoint, recognized those things for what they were and continued to move forward.

OK, now it’s past my bedtime and the benedryl is kicking in. Claritin in the AM, benedryl in the PM…do you think I’ll turn into a mad hatter? If I start posting hallucinations, just send over the fixallstigmine injection.