This isn’t another post about biking, although I did some of that today too. I decided to hike the twin sister’s today, a nice intermediate half-day hike, about half the vertical and distance of Long’s Peak, which I hope to do by the end of August. Due to some other committments, I didnt’ get started until about 1:30 and as I slowly made my way up the switchbacks, I began getting hit with big fat drops of rain. No thunder, though, so I kept hiking, I didn’t want to turn around and have to come back another day. Well, I made it up to the first saddle before the lightning darting back and forth overhead started to sound a little to close to the ground. the rain pounded harder, and hail stones fell from the sky, smacking my bare arms and legs. I decided enough was enough and turned around & jogged part way down the trail, feeling almost like I was skiing through a snowstorm because there was so much hail around me. I was soaked, of course, by the time I got back to the car, and my hands were so cold that my fingers and wrists swelled up from the exposure. Actually, my extensor tendons swelled up as well, but not the wrist joints…wierd, what’s that all about? Any rheumatologists here???