The Denver Post reports on the discovery of Jeff Christiansen’s body in a rugged area of the Mummy range. He had fallen and suffered an apparent head injury and was found by two hikers. All afternoon, searchers filtered back down out of the park, a pair stopping by the hospital with an injured ankle, but thankfully any other searcher injuries were handled on the scene by medics who staffed the area all week long. As the ED physician on call, and therefore medical command for the park, I received a phone call from a ranger reporting the time of the discovery and the obvious livididy of his body which sets in only after death. I felt like I was the end of the line, and would have preferred to recieve a different sort of call, like how much fluid should we run? What kind of pain medicine should we administer? What room should we bring him to when we arrive at the hospital?

If you want to assist Jeff’s family directly, an account has been opened at:
The Bank of Colorado (located in Upper Stanley Village near Safeway –
off US 34 and US 36) use deposit box if not open
PO Box 2560
533 Big Thompson Avenue
Estes Park, CO 80517
(970) 586.8185

Please make checks payable to the Jeff Christensen Family Fund.

I plan to make a donation. If my regular daily 100 readers, plus the additional 100 or so who visit this post during this weeks Grand Rounds each sent in a $5 check, that’d add up to a fat $1000 for his family, which would at least pay for his parents plane fare to travel to the park.