Any clinical patient encounter you read about on Mr. Hassle’s Long underpants will have been posted at a random time from the actual incident. If you read, “Tonight I saw a lady…” the post was actually written at some poitn in the past (?one week, ?one month, ?six months). This is to help further protect patient privacy. However, I feel that it is important to continue to write in the present tense for the sake of conveying the intensity of feelings and experiences in an emergency room…kind of like the TV show ER…instead of seeing the docs sit around the lounge the entire show talking about hte patients they saw yesterday, you view the show as the encounters are happening.

I will continue to write about patients as I see them to preserve the vividness and intensity of my experience, but will post the entries in the future continue to help mask any traces of potential identification.

Just so you know.

So I saw this lady last night…