I’m at the international coaching conference for triathlon, and there are a number of outstanding speakers here, including coaches & athletes of world class caliber. Mark Allen, 6 time Iron Man Championship winner, with the last at age 37, gave a lecture at dinner tonight, then hung out with us in the bar afterward. It was pretty cool to just lok over and see him sitting there at the next table over drinking a beer. I’ll never be the endurance athlete that he is, but it’s inspiring to see that he’s a normal human being with filled with emotion, feeling and self-doubt just like the rest of us.

I have an extra day here in COlorado springs after the conference, but am without a rental car and stuck at the conference center. It wouldnt be the worst thing to just sit on my porch and look at the rocky mountains until my plane leaves, but it would be nice if I could get a car, or hop on a tour bus, to check out the olympic training center, the US air force academy, or to stop by the local emergency department and check it out.