So I’ve been doing these workouts from a book called “Workouts in a Binder, Swim workouts for triathletes.” Each workout is 2500-3000 yards (I usually do the shorter workout) and takes me about an hour. THey are mixtures of 100 to 1000 yard sets with various instructions for intensity, increasing speed, building speeed, negative splits, drils, etc, etc. It’s been over 20 years (crap that sounds like a long time), since I’ve done real swim workouts, so this is a new change. Already this year (2006), I’ve swum almost half the yardage that I swam in all of 2005 alone!

I wish I could say the same for running and biking, but that will come with better weather. I did a 75 minute workout on the treadmill tonight, it actually went by pretty fast. I watched olympics while doing it, and the cross country ski race was much, much more interersting and motivating for me than the silly ice dancing stuff.

So my workouts have been good lately. Not much on the bikign front. Some trainer rides, and one ride outside last week when the weather was nice, but now it’s back down to the teens and I’m not interested in being that cold right now.

My old bridgestone still has all it’s parts (except the seat which I stole for my NEW BIKE), but I’m getting pretty close to ripping off all the unnecesary parts to turn it into my cool singlespeed.