I finally got out on the trails on my pseudo-singlespeed bridgestone. I still havn’t taken any parts off yet, but was dying to go on a bike ride outdoors yesterday. It was freezing outside (literally, right at 32 degrees) and I am too much of a wimp to get on a windy road bike and just toool around, so I figured I”d get the mountain bike out. THEN I figured…why not try singlespeeding on the trails?

It was a blast. I kept it in a 36-18/36-20 (still experimenting), used my nightrider light, dressed just right for the weather including my 97 cent skull cap from Old Navy to wear under the helmet.

I rode down to the river, upstream till I hit a deadend along the railroad (private property), then back, up some big hills, down again, up the creek & back to my house. Total vertical was over 1000 feet! Not bad for not being in the mountains. Distance almost 10 miles, time about 1 1/2 hours. Hey…going uphill is SLOW on that thing.

Afterwards I did a “brick”, a triathlon training deal where you go for a run after finishing the bike. I only went for 10 minutes, but when I got back, I felt great, giddy almost. I wish I could call up that feeling without going out and punishing myself for 2 hours in teh freezing cold, dark night.

I guess this was my equinox ride. Not a bad equinox.