The butterfly doesn’t really have much to do with this story, except that the blind man couldn’t see the butterfly’s colors. Just like he couldn’t see the color of his urine. So when he finally told his daughter he was having trouble urinating, and she saw the blood, his cancer was already taking over most of his bladder.

He told his doctor he didn’t want anything done, that he was tired of living and he just wanted to die. Except the problem was that his cancer was not advanced enough to kill him quickly. It was just sitting in his bladder, slowly bleeding, and occasionally getting in the way of him being able to empty himself all the way.

He returned to the emergency room shortly after his initial diagnosis and tumor removal. He couldn’t pee again. “Is there any blood in your urine?” the doctor asked. His daughter answered for him. “He can’t see it, and he won’t ever tell me when something’s wrong.” The nurse inserted a catheter that drained over a liter of urine and he was admitted to the hospital for another investigation by the urologist.

The old blind man had hoped he’d found a way out of life. But instead the tumor was slowly gnawing away at his body and his dignity.