Fun ride, would have been quicker if I hadn’t gotten my FIRST FLAT TIRE!!!! It’s only cool because it’s a rite of passage, I’m sure it would get old after awhile. I had no trouble changing it and using a CO2 cartridge for the first time. DANG, those things are handy! I used to top top off my front tire too to avoid two flats on oen ride.

I was trying to bunnyhop a pothole in the road and my back tire came down right on the front edge of it. About 200 yards later i noticed a funny noise, looked down and sure enough it was flat.

itwas my own fault…I was too lazy to pump up teh tires before I left, then I tried to jump a silly pothole instead of going around it. But teh city bus behind me was coming up fast and I didn’t want to swerve in front of it.