I saw 21 patients last night in 9 hours, got out about an hour late. Nobody died. One or two freaky people (screaming in pain, then all smiles when the doctor walks in). One lady kept saying that her belly pain was coming back until I made it clear she wasn’t going to get any more narcotics (which were given until initial evaluation was complete)…her pain suddenly improved on it’s own. I should have offered her clonidine instead.

One guy with a prosthetic shoulder dislocation who get admitted for frequent falls. “dehydrated” child from vomiting and diarrhea who successfully drank 20ml/kg of fluids without further emesis. DNR status C. Diff sepsis whose primary wanted him in the ICU…the ICU won’t take DNRs so I was stuck arguing with either either the PCP or the ICU fellow. Turns out I argued with both and the patient went were he should have gone anyway (monitored floor, hospitalist on call).

An ordinary night, but I didn’t get my chocolate milkshake until 5AM.