I arrived in San Francisco yesterday afternoon. A friend met me at the airport and we had a little adventure…dropped off my bike box to get it built up, went out for lunch at a nice italian restaraunt, picked up the bike then he dropped me off at my hotel. He had to leave town so now I’m on my own.

I really hit the jackpot with the hotel I’m staying in. I found it via googlemaps, and tried to get a hotel as close as I could to the race start. I couldn’t have done better, AND, great rates ($65 weekdays, $75 weekends!). In fact, you can nearly see the race start from my window, I’ll be able to walk down on race morning. 🙂

Last night I went for a short bike ride to the marina, and up and down the beach a little bit. I got my first glimpse of Alcatraz Island, it doesn’t look _that_ far away!

Today I walked down the beach to aquatic park, where I’ll be getting in the bay to swim tonight with a local swim club. I saw this guy building rock sculptures, who I’ve had linked on my blogroll for about two years! Small world, I guess.

I took the bus back to my hotel and am just chilling out for awhile, till I take the bus back to aquatic park to swim. Bus fare is $1.50 each way, and my transfer is good for another 2 hours! Can you say cheap?

More as it comes…