I’m sorry for neglecting Mr. Hassle lately. I spent so much time and energy training for Alcatraz the past 6 months, then having a crappy work schedule when I got back that it’s been kind of like a big letdown these past 2 weeks. Hardly any workouts, no energy, friends all seem busy… 🙁

Now I am packing up to go back to Colorado for the summer. I’ve got some of my toys packed. The bikes will go on last minute before I leave. It’s hard to pack clothes before you’re ready to go, but I can’t save it all for the last minute. Mostly I’m taking stuff that I use everyday…exercise stuff, computer, camera, umm clothes, bathroom stuff. So it’s kind of hard ot get it all in one place.

My next update may not be until I get to COlorado, but chec back, OK?