THis is a ride I did a few weeks ago. In a guidebook for the area, it is listed as an out and back ride…I don’t reccomend it that way. Set up a shuttle or plan for a 30 mile road/mtn bike ride and do it as a loop. The scenery is great, the trail conditions for the first 3 miles out or so are not too bad, and OK for newer riders or a family outing with “big” kids. GO much further than that and it’s a hell of a climb out of the hole. Might as well just keep heading downhill to Rt. 34 and hitch a ride back home.

Here is some of the scenery…this is Long’s Peak and Meeker’s, looking backwards from the beginning of the ride.

I stopped to take some self portraits as well, this is the best one that turned out! This is looking east down onto the plains.

I came across this and thought the occupants might have just stopped at teh top of the hill and were out sightseeing. But looking closer, I figured it out. Can you see what’s wrong with it?

How about now?

This was their biggest mistake…can you find it?